This is Karolina, to her elbows in mud, sand and cow-dung.
She is building an insulation house for a biogas plant
in Kenya.
She is also quite happy.

This is my page about biogas in Africa. I created it while doing my master thesis, and my goal has been to spread my findings to those who might also want to try biogas, or any development project in Africa or elsewhere.

On the page “2. The Theses” (above) you find the finished thesis. That’s where you’ll find most of my information. However, I did continue the work even after the thesis was done, and some further progress on design was made. I hope to put that information up on this site soon!

On the pages “3. Design Project” and “4. Biogas Instructions” I have published some of my earlier reports along the way. The Biogas Instructions is a short and comprehensible introduction for you who consider starting your own biogas project!

If you have any questions about my project, biogas in general or how you could start up your own project, please contact me! My e-mail address is: karolinahagegard@gmail.com

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