Month: March 2017

Next exciting project

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It’s finally time to go back to work in Kenya again! 🙂

Read about my next project under Future Project, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to help out! I’m going under any circumstances, but the more the merrier!

What my next biogas digester will roughly look like. Click the image to know more!






Goshen – Sending children to school

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In November 2016, I visited Kenya again. It was marvelous!

While Sweden these days seems characterized by despair and giving up, Kenya is still full of hope and energy to make a change. To move forwards and upwards!

Here is one example:

Goshen – a new NGO that was just formed while I was there, and I had the privilege of becoming one of the first 5 members needed to register an NGO.

The three first members of Goshen: Samuel Otieno, Karolina Hagegård and Atieno Omondi

Goshen helps poor families sending their children to school, by paying for school fees, school uniforms and lunch, with money they make from doing horticulture.

They accept volunteers of all sorts, so contact me if you want to get in touch with them!