Do your master thesis in Kenya!

Experience a great adventure and contribute to a sustainable planet!

Me and my Biogas Club, at Nyasanda High School in 2007

I am a Master of Science in Bioengineering, from Chalmers University of Technology. In 2007 I did my master project in Kenya, called: “Small-Scale Biogas by Lake Victoria – Analyzing and implementing the biogas technology for cooking in rural african households“. Now, I am back in Kenya to start up a biogas company. The plan is to run it for a number of years, and then hand it over to my Kenyan co-workers, to be continued by them as I return to Sweden for good. Over the years of startup, I’ll be coming and going.

Your job

The biogas technology has three primary parts:

  1. The gas itself, which can be used as cooking fuel
  2. Hygienization of organic waste, such as latrine, butchery waste etc
  3. Biofertilizer that improves soil quality and makes crops grow very well

You are invited to, together with your university and me, put together a research task within any of these fields, whichever fits best with your education and interests. For example: How can the biogas technology be an integrated part in local farms? What locally available feed composition yields the most gas? How efficient is the hygienization of a particular feed (most interesting is probably human latrine)? How should an energy efficient biogas cooker look? Etc. You could also help me with a more business oriented study for the company.

The goal of the task is to make the biogas technology as beneficial as possible to the whole area, or to some specific group of potential users in the area.


There are different scholarships that can be applied for for this kind of project. Try for example Sida’s MFS scholarship (last application date usually around the end of Oct) and your local church. In my days, it was also possible to get an extra CSN loan for this, which I did.

In all honesty, I’ve spent thousands of kronor on my master thesis, even after the different scholarships I was granted. And it was worth it all thousandfold! 🙂

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